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Silicone Measuring Cups Tool Kit

Silicone Measuring Cups Tool Kit

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Silicone Measuring Cups and Tools Package, designed to enhance your crafting experience and provide everything you need for precise resin mixing and crafting.

Package Includes:

  • 1PCS 600ML (20.2 OZ) Silicone Cups
  • 1PCS 250ML (8.4 OZ) Silicone Cups
  • 3PCS 100ML (3.3 OZ) Silicone Cups
  • 1PCS Silicone Mat
  • 5PCS 3ML Transfer Pipettes
  • 3PCS Stir Sticks
  • 3PCS Stir Spoons
  • 20PCS Finger Cots
  • 2PCS 15ML Epoxy Resin Cups

Silicone Measuring Cups: Crafted with safe and non-toxic silicone, our measuring cups come in three sizes (600ml, 250ml, and 100ml) to cater to your various epoxy resin mixing needs. The flexible and durable material ensures smooth, non-stick pouring with the angled diversion port design for precise liquid transfer and a clean cup.


  • The 300 * 400mm silicone mat protects your workspace from spills and stains.
  • Transfer pipettes facilitate easy liquid transfer.
  • Stir sticks and stir spoons offer non-stick stirring convenience.
  • Finger cots protect your fingers during work.
  • 15ML Epoxy Resin Cups are perfect for small-volume mixing.

Widely Used: Our Measuring Cup Tool Kit is versatile, ideal for mixing resins, waxes, or other liquids, and creating resin molds and jewelry. Craft with confidence using safe and reusable materials

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